Custom Tele style made from Padauk, with white binding

Custom popular & classic vintage shapes and modern originals. Phoenix Guitars are handmade using exotic hardwoods renound for their tonal properties that produce a rich overall sound and a high level of sustain. Tonewoods each have their own unique aesthetic qualities with a diverse array of striking natural colours and unusual grain patterns that give each guitar its individual visual impact along with the chosen binding, which is a speciality.
Who are Phoenix Guitars?
Phoenix Guitars are handcrafted by Martin Coupe. A Nottingham based Luthier, Visual / Digital Artist and Musician. In the 90's Martin gained a BA (hons)in Contemporary Arts within the discplines of Visual Art & Music. In succession to a variety of artistic and creative persuits including 3D graphic and web site design, Martin turned his attention to custom guitar bodies at the turn of the millenium. For original designs he draws on Celtic, Egyptian, mystical and historical influences such as Wicca, Psychoanalysis (Freud's Dreamworks /The interpretation of Dreams) and Surrealism - references which have frequently been a major source of creative inspiration for many rock bands over the years too. His attention to detail would most likely be overlooked in a production line setting.

Current activities / Prices
For the moment I am concentrating on mainly solid 'Tele' style bodys in conjunction to developing my own custom designs. Enquiries for 'Tele' bodys or variations on my original designs are welcome. A choice of tonewoods are available in conjuction with either black, white, cream or tortoiseshell binding on either the front edges or front and back if required. Prices vary depending on the chosen wood and binding. Available woods are: Alder, Amazaque, Ash, Bubinga, Cherry, Inbuya, Lacewood, Lime, Mahogony, Padauk, Purpleheart, Sycamore, Walnut, Wenge, Zebrano.



Bodies can be left 'bare' or hand finished in either oil or laquer to protect and enhance the look and feel of the wood.  The price and time scale varies for both depending on the level of finish that is required. Ideally I like to try and give the bodies an 'organic feel' as opposed to burying it under a layer of thick plastic. Many musicians also consider that this is beneficial to the tone. The 'finish' has been the most problematic and deceptively time consuming area to perfect. However I'm now very pleased with the finish I can achieve which I believe is compariable to any other handmade guitar. 

Ash original custom body. A great strat alternative

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